Monday, January 18, 2010

Still Crafting

I have been crafting again! Savannah was gone over the weekend on a Ski Retreat with our church youth group. Ron headed off to the mountains! I crafted! It was a great weekend!

I'll show you a new Valentine Card tonight. I have racked my brains (again) trying to remember my Photoshop Pen Tool lessons that the very talented Lisa Carter taught me a few years ago. "I know how to do this," I kept telling myself. I mean, I worked with Illustrator on a daily basis for two should be stuck in the grey matter of my brain somewhere. But, still it took me all night to accomplish what should have taken 2 minutes. Why? Because one little button on my screen was clicked that shouldn't have been clicked and THAT nearly drove me to insanity. So, here it is!
This is available in my Etsy store in two formats. First, you can get in as a high resolution jpeg in either a 4x6 or 5x7 format. Great for sending to your photo processor for the perfect card. Or, you can get it in a PDF file set up to print 8 little trading card size Valentines. Perfect to print at home and then trim, hole punch and attach a ribbon. The great part on both of these is that I will take your photo, crop it, touch it up, recolor it - whatever needs to be done - and send you back the perfect little card.

Later, I'll show you a new tote bag I made this weekend too. It's a prototype for a tote I've been mulling over in my brain. It's not perfect yet, but pretty close...

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