Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 2010!

Ok, so I'm a few days late but late is on time for me! LOL! Hope you are enjoying your start to the new year. I have had a snow day with Savannah today. Schools were closed today and I was able to stay home. Slept in late and played around with some different items.

I posted some goodies in my Etsy Store - Go check them out! I played with our puppy and got a kick out of watching her lick snow off our deck. Tonight, I plan to curl up in the recliner and watch the BCS Football game.

I received a huge compliment today. Last year I took some family portraits at our church to publish in our directory. I've done this twice now and have always been pleased with my results. Usually, when folks ask for copies of their prints I send them to the photo lab downtown. However, one of the ladies at church asked me for another copy and I didn't want to make a trip downtown for one photo, so I decided to use a "corner drug store" to process my one 5x7. I've used them before and they do a nice job. Well, this afternoon I got a call from them asking for the photographers copyright release since the photo looked professionally done. I kinda snickered and told him that I was the photographer. I had to explain myself but it was quite nice to be considered a professional photographer by someone else...not related to me...or a good friend...

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