Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Layout Is Idea Page of the Day at Memory Makers

Yeah, I did it again! My layout, Seasons of Love, is MM's Idea Page of the Day today! This was created for a challenge at DSP - the Monthly Lyrical Challenge. We had to use the words from the song, "Season of Love" in a layout. I was lucky in that Savannah had a snow day and was feeling a bit bored. She agreed to let me take some photos of her that didn't include her tongue sticking out!

Here's the layout in case you miss it on Memory Makers.

If you like the design, keep your eyes peeled for a freebie template coming soon!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

DSP Top 100 Gallery Views!

Digital Scrapbook Place (DSP) came out with the Top 100 Gallery views list and I made it 3 times! Yeah! I was actually shocked that I made it three times. I have several layouts with lots of views but there are some really awesome scrappers at DSP, a lot who are so very talented. Here are the links to my layouts if you'd like to see them up close!

#26 - Forever
#43 - Watermelon and Fireworks
#73 - Brooks Laughing

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Photo Tip and Another Freebie

I have had a busy week! It has been almost 6 days since my last post. Over the weekend my daughter had her first Winterguard competition. I had never been to a guard competition so this was a first for me as well. I took some photos and will be creating layouts with them in the near future. Taking photos inside a gym is always a challenge. The lighting in gyms is good enough to play and watch basketball but it was not meant for photography. Even though it is a well lit area, a gym does not offer enough natural light for fast shutter speeds. If you can adjust the settings on your camera, I would suggest using Shutter Priority mode. For my photos, I set a shutter speed of 125 and let the camera choose the aperture setting. Luckily, I have a lens with really low aperture settings so this worked great for me. I was able to get some stop action photos of the flags and rifles in mid air during tosses and spins. Some of the photos were blurred but for the most part, I was happy with my first attempt. I'll try to upload those layouts this weekend maybe.

Now getting to the important stuff - the freebie! Yes, this is a mini element kit of 4 elements at 200 dpi. You get a heart frame from chipboard and corrugated paper, a fuzzy yarn heart, a jewel brad and a ribbon with the same brads. They of course coordinate with the paper pack and the word art that I have already upload to this blog. Check the "Layout" link below to find them. I hope you enjoy them and send me a link if you use them and upload them to the web. I would love to show off your work on my blog! And remember, more comments = more freebies!

Box of Chocolates Element Pack
Password: Freebs

Friday, January 16, 2009

Scrappers Block and a Freebie!

I've been sick some this week and it has totally blown my desire to scrap. I've tried to do a few pages and I actually completed one, but most of what I have done has just been ho hum! So, I've been trying to get back in the groove by visiting my favorite designers and going through their galleries. Hopefully after a good night's rest I'll be able to pull it all back together. If you have any extra scrapping muses, be sure and send them my way!

Here is the word art freebies that I promised last week from my Box of Chocolates Mini Kit. I love the candy bar look of the Chocoholic design. "Step Away from the Chocolate" is a phrase that my daughter and I share when we are down to the last Hershey's kiss! I hope you enjoy them and let me know if you use them in a layout. I'd love to get feed back from you! If you like the papers in the preveiw - check out the freebies link. You might get lucky!

Box of Chocolate Word Art Freebie
Password: freebs (sorry I forgot this on the original post)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Memory Makers Idea Page Feature TODAY!

Yeah, my layout Serenity will be featured today (January 12th) on the Memory Makers Idea Page Feature. I just love it when something I created gets recognized as "good" by someone outside my family and friends. The opinions of family and friends really count the most, but it is a good feeling every now and then to get "outside" validation. If you want to check out all the details, you can follow this link to may layout on DSP or just scroll down the blog page.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Key to Happiness

I'm posting another one of my DSP layouts. This one is created using a groupie. Bet you thought groupies were only for rock bands. Not so! In digi scrapping, groupies are a grouping of elements that are already put together for you. You just simply add a photo and plop it on a lovely background, add a few finishing touches and you're done! I just love them because I still have control over the design of my layout but it saves me tons of time. Here is the link to my DSP Gallery. Skip over and look around. If you've never been to Digital Scrapbook Place, it is truly a wonderful community. There are tutorials and freebies to download, active forums where your questions will always be answered and lots of fun folks to hang out with. Boy, now I'm sounding like a commercial!

Credits: Butterflies *N* Blues Groupies Set 2 by Kim Liddiard and Blissful Berry Page Kit also by Kim Liddiard both available at DSP.Add Image

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking Freebies!

Everybody loves a freebie and I’m no exception! I love to get something free, especially free scrapbooking designs. I have been dabbling a bit in digital design and have decided to give a few of my creations away. I hope you enjoy them. For now, all my designs will be at 200 dpi and my backgrounds will be 12x12 inches or 2400x2400 pixels. In the future I may change to 300 dpi. My first freebie is a backpack of 5 background papers centered on my favorite treat – chocolate!!! Come back in a week or so and pick up the word art that goes with these papers. Who knows, maybe I’ll create a few more elements and then you’ll have a whole kit! If you use my papers in a page, send me a link! I’d love to see how you use them.

Link: Box of Chocolates Background Papers

Password: freebs

Here’s a layout I created using my kit.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Updated Look for 2009

I have updated the look of my you may have noticed. Thanks to Nicole Young for her tutorial and templates that allowed me to accomplish this. You can got to Nicoles's blog for the instructions and templates if you are interested in getting a similar look. I still need to work on my header but it is definitely a start for now.

Here's a new layout to start off 2009 and surprise! It's about me! Click here to go to my gallery on DSP and see the larger version.

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