Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I suppose it's about time I did my annual blog post! LOL! At least that is what it seems like! Last year was a year of trials. First the May flood and then I broke my leg and had surgery on my ankle in August. We are blessed with wonderful family and friends that helped during both "adventures."

My Etsy store had been doing well, especially during the holidays. I hope to add some new items soon. I have been blessed again with successful items that where overly popular during the holidays. Hopefully now, I can concentrate on some new endeavors.

Savannah continues to blossom as a young lady. Her interests continue to revolve around music. She made both the Mid State Chorus and Band this year.

Ron is still building a Boy Scout Camp. His website, chronicles the progress at camp. He enjoys it immensely and gets completely frustrated all at the same time. If you are ever in our area, we would love to show you the camp. It's truly a beautiful piece of God's handiwork.

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