Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photoshop Tips

Most of you know that Photoshop is my friend. I love Photoshop! It is truly an extension of the art of photography. I love taking my photos making them pop! Adding drama that grabs your attention. Friends often ask me how I do it and it's hard to explain. There are tons of little tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way from more advanced users. As most of you know, Digital Scrapbook Place is my home on the net for all things scrappy, including great tutorials on using PS. Recently, I have found a great new website via Facebook - PSD TUTS+. They have tons of free tutorials for Photoshop and most are videos so you can be mesmerized by the wonderfulness of all things PS! They have a great collection of tutorials called Photoshop Basix by Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor Martin Perhiniak. If you want to broaden your skills, checkout these tutorials. They are shown in PSCS5 but I think most are adaptable to older versions, such as the PSCS3 that I use. Several will translate over to the later versions of Elements too!

Here are a few scrapbooking layouts from our beach vacation last week. Hope you enjoy them and YES, those sunrise pictures were "enhanced" just a tiny bit. Layer masks were involved...and some opacity changes...multiplied layers...oh...such fun!

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