Monday, December 1, 2008

First Snowfall

Well, technically, we had some flurries about a week ago, but today was the first snow you could actually see in Nashville. It flurried on and off for most of the day but the ground was too warm for accumulation. But, lucky Ron was working at the new camp property, Latimer Scout Reservation, and he had "measurable" snow. It coated the ground there and he sent us pictures which I promptly scrapped!


Kathy said...

The pictures of the snow are beautiful. Ron's becoming a good photographer. We had about an inch off and on Monday and, although the weatherman said the snow was out of the area, we had light snow most of the day yesterday. I did get to enjoy it yesterday, but was too sick to care Monday. Your blog is looking very good. I'm proud of my daughter. I'm a better blogger than a scrapper.

Barbara Galloway said...

We had blizzard conditions for about half an hour Monday. Could not see the street, heavy snow and wind. Then it stopped blowing and just snowed for a while longer. Maybe got an inch on the grass, none on the streets. Housetops were white Tuesday morning also, but it soon melted. That's fine, easy come, easy go!
Aunt Barbara

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